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JOEY'S state of the art cleaning with a 7 step carpet cleaning process backed by a guarantee!

1. FREE estimate consultations - This will include: pre-inspection, explaining conditions found, utilization of an inspection lighting as needed, pretest as needed, inquiry regarding chemical sensitivities and personal preferences. For situations with natural fibers (cotton/wool) it may be needed to test for colorfastness.  Special notations will be made for conditions which may require special care such as filtration soiling, urine contamination, more difficult spots/stains such as rust, paint, nail polish.  Also notations will be made if carpet requires any repair or re-stretching, also conditions such as sun fading, yellowing, dye stains (kool-aid) or filtration soiling.

2. Vacuuming  -  JOEY’S technicians will take care to pre-vacuum!  JOEY’S will arrive at your home or place of business ready to get to work with a crew consisting of uniformed, trained and qualified technicians who will work diligently to acquire the results you expect and deserve.  Starting with pre-vacuuming, to remove dry insoluble soil with HEPA Filtration to minimize airborne respiratory irritants.  Most dry particle soil is normally found adjacent to entry ways, while fine particle dust will be found more often underneath seldom moved furniture.  The more dry soluble soil we can remove prior to cleaning, the better the cleaning results!

3. Pre-Condition - JOEY’S will pre-condition!  JOEY’S cleaning techniques will utilize time to suspend soil and break down binders which hold the soil to the carpet.  This will be done by chemical preconditioning with appropriate formulated solutions for the carpet fibers being cleaned in conjunction with appropriate water temperature to break down soil and binders to help accomplish the ultimate in cleaning results.

4. Pre-Agitate -  JOEY’S will utilize pre-agitation techniques as needed and as appropriate for your carpet and carpet installation. Pre-agitation helps facilitate the best results for cleaning of stubborn spots and heavily soiled traffic areas including areas of higher use in your home or business.  In the event your carpeting has difficult spots such as food, beverage/wine, grease, pet urine, makeup, candle wax, rust or ink/paint, our technicians will use specialized spot cleaning agents for these type of spills/spots as needed at no additional charge.  For treatment and cleaning of filtration soiling and also for our dye stain removal process to remove Kool-Aid® type stains an additional fee will be charged. (Please inquire)  You can always trust JOEY’S crews will arrive prepared for the job at hand. Sadly but truthfully some spills/spots can result in permanent stains, however if a spot can be removed, JOEY’S Carpet Care can and will remove it!

5. Clean & Rinse - JOEY’S will clean and rinse!  Proper fresh water rinsing of freshly cleaned carpet is vital for satisfactory results. Skipping this step whether simply by not rinsing, by usage of too high of a concentration of cleaning chemicals or usage of improper chemicals/improper order of spot cleaning agents or by failure to neutralize higher alkaline spotting agents can and will create problems with the final carpet cleaning results. Sometimes pre-existing residue from prior spot cleaning or from prior carpet cleaning which did not use adequate rinsing will create situations that can lead to unsatisfactory results.  JOEY’S will rinse to help minimize risks of rapid resoiling, spots resurfacing upon drying or fiber texture change.

6. Move Furniture (including to pad & protect) - JOEY’S technicians are happy to move, pad and protect furniture at no additional charge. After cleaning carpet, your furniture will be returned to its original place with protective plastic tabs and/or protective blocks as needed.  For safety purposes and to assist with proficient job processing you will be asked to move in advance all breakables and plants from rooms where we will be cleaning.  Also to minimize any risks of damage our technicians will not move electronics, pianos, or musical instruments.

7. Groom Carpet - JOEY’S will complete the cleaning process by using a professional carpet groomer/brush to promote drying and to set the carpet pile to dry with an even uniform appearance. Please understand that for berber style and commercial style carpet this step may not be needed due to the carpet construction.

JOEY'S Carpet Care pledges to give attention to detail and to provide the best full service carpet cleaning in the Central KY area.   JOEY'S work is guaranteed for satisfaction!  We do not offer a cash refund for services performed.  JOEY'S offers a Pledge that if after our crew cleans your carpet and if for any reason a spot reappears or final results do not meet your expectations, simply call our office within 72 hours of original service and we will schedule for a crew to return to reclean the areas of concern at no additional charge.  Join our family of satisfied customers by calling our office today at 859-223-8630.

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