Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most Commonly Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions:

Is it possible to remove a Kool-Aid stain from my carpet?

Yes, in many cases if the spill area has not been already cleaned we can successfully remove the color from this type of stain. However in many cases the stain might only lighten and not be completely removed.

Note: There is risk of reducing the color of the carpet, if this occurs we must stop the dye removal process.

Can pet urine stains be removed from carpet?

If the appearance of the stain is darker than the color of the carpet then the chances of eliminating any noticeable staining from the carpet are very good, yet can not be guaranteed. Or if the appearance of the stain is lighter than the color of the carpet, it is very likely the urine has affected the carpet dye resulting in a color loss which is not correctable with cleaning.

I need to schedule an appointment for cleaning - how quickly can you be here?

In the event of an emergency situation we will do everything we can to provide same day service. In situations of widespread water damages due to excessive rains or due to broken pipes we will be utilizing a waiting list! JOEY'S will be working in order of when calls are received, therefore it is best to give us your name and phone numbers when you first* call in order for our receptionist to update you on when our crew(s) may arrive to assist.

* If you call back hours later and didn't give us your information on the initial call, then it is very likely numerous customers will be in front of you, placing you further behind on the wait list. Do know you can have your name removed from wait list if anything changes.