Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning

JOEY'S Carpet Care Technicians are Trained Experts for ALL your upholstery cleaning needs! Whatever the fabric - you can trust JOEY'S. If it is cleanable, they can get the job done. Dry cleaning upholstery, steam cleaning upholstery, low moisture upholstery cleaning are just a few of our upholstery cleaning methods. JOEY'S upholstery cleaning in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas includes cleaning of antique upholstered items, sofas, love seats, chaise lounges, recliners, wing back chairs, oversized chairs, formal dining rooms chairs, side chairs, ottomans, stools, etc.! JOEY'S expert services also include mattress cleaning! Yes, certified technicians clean mattresses too! Upholstery coverings JOEY'S cleans include: cotton, Haitian cotton, wool, chenille, jacquard, chintz, rayon, nylon, blended fabric, microfiber, suede, and yes even leather.

JOEY'S expertise can be counted on for professionally cleaning your upholstery in your home and office! Upholstery fabrics can dictate preferred cleaning methods for each fabric type. Factors to take into consideration with upholstery cleaning can seem countless! Factors such as varying degrees of soiling, type of stains, fabric or upholstery affected by odors from pets, skunks, smoke or even beverage/food spills coupled with fabric designs, colors,florals, modern custom designs, tendency for shrinkage, durability and cleaning factors - - - are just a few things we must consider before each upholstery cleaning service! Fabric treatments such as 3M Scotchgard, and solvent based protectors for natural fibers can be applied by approved technicians to help protect your fine fabrics. JOEY'S can deodorize upholstery and deodorize mattresses. Smoke odor deodorization, skunk odor deodorization, urine odor deodorization, pet odor deodorization are a few more of our offered services.

Due to ALL the factors we must consider prior to cleaning an upholstered item, it is our preference and recommendation to schedule a Pre-Inspection/Estimate. At this time our Certified Upholstery Cleaning Service Coordinator will inspect, determine fiber content, analyze soiling condition, pre-test as needed for colorfastness, make recommendations for cleaning method, give an honest evaluation of any limitations and provide an exact estimate.

On-location Drapery Cleaning

JOEY'S Drapery cleaning services are designed to help keep from causing disruption in your home or place of business. Drapery dry cleaning on location is convenient! Draperies will be cleaned on location in the exact location where they are hanging. Yes - that is correct! JOEY'S system is designed with focus on consideration of customers, so at no time will you have to be without your draperies. JOEY'S Carpet Care cleans valances, cornice boards, lined draperies, window size draperies, and floor length draperies, simply Ask for your FREE quote today. JOEY'S Carpet Care not only cleans your carpet - JOEY'S expert skills include services to dry clean upholstery, steam clean upholstery, mattress cleaning, and more! JOEY'S also has technicians trained to dry clean draperies, cornice boards and yes JOEY'S will clean fabric covered headboards also! For all your fabric cleaning needs simply call JOEY'S Carpet Care at (859) 223-8630 or (859) 885-3519.

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